Workplace Equality Strategy

A differentiated approach to values-based investing.

The Workplace Equality strategy was designed for investors to access companies that embody their value of equality without sacrificing returns. We believe that companies with a focus on doing the “right thing” and treating their employees well outperform their peers over time. With this in mind, the strategy invests in U.S. companies with progressive workplace policies that treat all employees equally.

We Believe

  • Companies that invest in their human capital, treat their employees with dignity, respect and equality, and value a diverse workforce provide better shareholder returns.
  • Progressive workplace policies that treat all employees equally – regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, religion and other preferences – improve a company’s growth trajectory and long-term financial success.
  • Companies exhibiting gender diversity at the board and executive level are better positioned for success.
  • Identifying companies truly employing strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices matters as part of our screening and is best achieved by combining quantitative analysis with rigorous fundamental research.
  • Operationally, organizations that foster equality in the workplace often realize lower employee turnover, higher employee engagement, faster decision-making, better innovation/creativity, and strong reputations in the eyes of customers.



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Portfolio Managers

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Suresh Rajagopal, CFA
Director of All Cap Strategies, Director of ESG Research


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John N. Roberts, Esq.
Senior Portfolio Manager



William J. Barritt, CFA
Equity Analyst, Portfolio Manager


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