• Determine
    Goals & Objectives

    We gain a full understanding of your
    unique circumstances, including:

    Income and cash flow needs
    Tax considerations
    Family considerations
    Your vision for success

  • Analyze Existing Holdings & Formalize Investment and Financial Plans

    We conduct a thorough review
    of your current portfolio using our
    customized analytics. We then compare
    your existing portfolio to your goals
    and offer recommendations,
    including a financial plan.

  • Determine Strategic Asset Allocation & Construct Client Portfolio

    We develop a personalized
    investment policy and asset allocation
    designed for you. The goal is to minimize
    risk while positioning your portfolio for
    long-term growth over multiple market cycles.

  • Conduct Ongoing Monitoring & Communication

    Once your portfolio is constructed,
    it is actively managed to realize
    opportunities and to reflect changes in
    your personal situation. You and your
    portfolio manager communicate on a regular
    basis to keep you informed and engaged.