We believe that portfolios should be as unique as the individual clients who own them. SBH has a very distinctive approach to investing clients’ money, one that is driven by research and that focuses on owning individual securities. We invest individual portfolios with care and maintain a deep understanding of both the efforts that went into building wealth and the promises that those assets hold for a client’s family, business and legacy. We take our fiduciary responsibility to each client very seriously and place our clients’ needs first. Our fees are based on the value of the assets we manage, so our goals are aligned with our clients.

Personal communication is integral to our strategy. Our highly accessible portfolio managers have a direct relationship with our clients and provide customized portfolios tailored to each client’s particular needs and goals. Our team’s continuity and comprehensive approach facilitate intergenerational coordination – we work with tax, estate and other financial advisors. We go beyond managing your wealth and help you plan for your current needs, as well as your future.

Client Process

SBH builds intelligently constructed portfolios for private clients using a mix of individual stocks, bonds and alternative investments. Each client’s asset allocation is determined by their specific goals and unique circumstances, including their investment objectives, time horizon, risk profile and income needs. Clients work directly, and communicate regularly, with a dedicated portfolio manager to build a portfolio personalized to individual needs.

SBH has a strong commitment to a time-tested investment process, driven by our in-depth, proprietary research. Our process has been vetted and approved by several institutional consultants and benefits professionals, who employ rigorous due diligence and performance measurement.

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An Introduction to SBH Wealth Management

Director of Wealth Management Scott Roulston discusses SBH's personalized approach for individual investors.