Customized Wealth Management Services

At SBH, we start our relationship by getting to know you, your current situation, and your financial goals. We then develop a financial plan and tailored investment portfolio to help you reach your objectives. Over time, we monitor your changing needs and the evolving market environment and adjust the plan and portfolio as necessary.

We believe wealth management solutions should be as unique as you. SBH has a distinctive approach to investing your money, one that is driven by institutional-quality research and that focuses on owning individual securities. We invest individual portfolios with care and maintain a deep understanding of both the efforts that went into building wealth and the promises that those assets hold for your family, business, and legacy. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you very seriously and place your needs first. Our fees are based on the value of your assets, so our goals are aligned with yours.

Personal communication is integral to our strategy. Our highly accessible portfolio managers have a direct relationship with you.

We go beyond managing our clients’ wealth and help them plan for their current needs as well as their future.

Investment Approach

We start by determining a client’s asset allocation, which is based on their specific goals and unique circumstances, including their investment objectives, time horizon, risk profile and income needs. We then use our proprietary fundamental research to create a diversified portfolio primarily of individual stocks and bonds, selected and monitored by our portfolio managers and research analysts. We are committed to this approach because it is transparent – our clients know what they own – and allows us to be tax sensitive in the management of client portfolios.

When analyzing securities, we focus primarily on fundamental factors, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for each company we research. ESG analysis is the exercise of understanding how a company’s operations and culture impact the organization’s financial performance, reputation, and society at-large. The integration of ESG into this process is critical to our understanding of the risk/reward potential of all securities we consider for purchase on behalf of our clients. To learn more about how we integrate ESG into our investment process visit Our Approach to ESG.

SBH has a strong commitment to a time-tested investment process, driven by our in-depth, proprietary research. The process we use in the management of our private client portfolios is the same process used in the management of our institutional client portfolios. It is a process that has been vetted and approved by some of the most rigorous due diligence processes relied upon by institutional investors.