Last Updated: January 7, 2020

At SBH, we have noticed a concerning trend among many private investors—they often do not have a clear picture of how their overall investment portfolios are invested and whether they are aligned with their financial goals. Learn how our proprietary analytical tool, MyWealthView™, can help provide that clarity.

We have noticed a concerning trend among prospective clients who come to us interested in our wealth management services — they often have no idea how their investment portfolio is invested and whether it is aligned with their financial planning goals.

For example, we recently met a family and reviewed their portfolio using our proprietary analytical tool, called MyWealthView™, to get a clearer picture of what they owned. They were shocked to learn they held 27 mutual funds with over 10,000 discrete positions. They had been viewing their funds as single holdings and did not realize that each fund held a large number of securities. When the holdings across their funds were added up, it amounted to a massive portfolio that was very over-diversified and had unintended concentrations in several companies as more than one fund owned a given stock. The MyWealthView™ analysis also showed they were paying over one percent on the funds they held. This was in addition to the one percent fee they were paying their current advisor to manage their overall portfolio. Not surprisingly, the family was most concerned about whether their current portfolio was aligned with their financial planning goals.

At SBH Wealth Management, we work with each client to develop a financial plan that reflects their individual goals and to invest their portfolio in line with these goals. We believe in an efficient amount of diversification through investments primarily in individual stocks and bonds as this provides our clients with greater transparency (they know what they own) and lower fees, as well as more effective risk and tax management.

If you are concerned your portfolio may be in a similar position, please reach out to us so we can help provide you with a clearer understanding of how your portfolio is invested.

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