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A Differentiated Approach to ROIC Small Cap Investing

Our experienced small cap equity investment team is driven by the belief that Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and its byproduct, free cash flow, are the most important drivers of long-term outperformance in the small-capitalization universe. The team seeks to invest in niche market companies that have defendable competitive advantages and exhibit high or improving ROIC levels. Niche markets and defendable competitive advantages are key to sustaining high or improving ROIC levels, all of which lead to compounding growth in free cash flow and ultimately, an increase in equity value.

Investment Philosophy

Our Small Cap Core philosophy is based on four key pillars that, when combined, are designed to generate excess returns. We seek companies that generate high or improving levels of ROIC, serve niche markets with defendable competitive advantages, are guided by strong management teams, and trade at attractive reward to risk ratios. Companies are analyzed for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors to better understand the management team’s goals before being selected for further due diligence.

Strategy Description

The strategy blends value-oriented, improving ROIC companies with growth-oriented, high ROIC companies. The strategy targets companies under $6 billion in market cap, typically holds between 70 to 85 companies, is well-diversified across sectors, and generates moderate turnover. We integrate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into our fundamental research process.


Return On Invested Capital (ROIC) Focus

Takes a blended approach by focusing on high ROIC companies within the top two quintiles in the Russell 2000® Index and improving ROIC companies that have catalysts to improve the return level of the business. High and improving ROIC companies have outperformed the index over the long term.1

Niche Markets with Defendable Competitive Advantages

Focuses on companies that target smaller overall markets in which they can achieve high market share within a smaller competitive field. Seeks competitive advantages in the form of brands, data, economies of scale, people, patents, specialized processes, or regulations.

Identifying Strong Management Teams

Seeks companies with management teams that are focused on sustainable and/or improving ROIC. Our proprietary ROIC dashboard helps assess a management team’s impact on the business and opportunities for ROIC improvement beyond looking at just the income statement.

Assessing an Attractive Risk/Reward Ratio

Seeks a 3:1 upside-to-downside (reward-to-risk) ratio at the initiation of a position. The upside and downside for each stock is arrived at by performing various scenario and sensitivity analyses. After a position is initiated, the ratio is continually monitored and updated.

Portfolio Managers

Jeffrey C. Paulis, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager


Zachary T. Rosenstock, CFA

Senior Equity Analyst, Assistant Portfolio Manager


Investment Vehicles

Separate Account





Small Cap Core 6 Stars, Small Cap Core Equity Universe

On 2/21/24 SBH Small Cap Core strategy was awarded the Zephyr PSN Top Guns 6 Star Award for the 3-month period ending 12/31/23. You can find more information about the PSN Top Guns Award here. Segall Bryant & Hamill did not pay to participate in the PSN Top Guns Awards.

PSN Top Guns Award, 6 Star Category Criteria (Small Cap Core Equity Universe): The peer groups were created using the information collected through the PSN investment manager questionnaire and uses only gross of fee returns. PSN Top Guns investment managers must claim that they are GIPS compliant. Products must have an R-squared of 0.80 or greater relative to the style benchmark for the recent 5-year period. Moreover, products must have returns greater than the style benchmark for the 3 latest 3-year rolling periods. Products are then selected which have a standard deviation for the 5-year period equal or less than the median standard deviation for the peer group. The top 10 information ratios for the latest 5-year period then become the TOP GUNS.


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1Source: Furey Research Partners, FactSet. Data as of 03.31.22.

CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA Institute.

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