Confidence Through Clarity

Having confidence in achieving your financial goals starts with having clarity that your investments are aligned with those goals.

At SBH, our first step in building our relationship with you is to understand if your current portfolios are right for you within the context of your overall financial goals. We do this through MyWealthView™, a diagnostic report designed to provide a clearer view of the underlying investments you own, the risks you are taking, and the fees associated with your investments. This clarity allows us to work with you to develop a sound financial plan and build a portfolio aligned with this plan, thereby giving you confidence you can reach your goals.

Do You Really Know What's in Your Portfolio?

Investors often own an array of investment types, such as mutual funds, ETFs and individual securities, across many different financial accounts, such as IRAs, 401(k)s, and taxable portfolios. This makes it difficult for them to really know how many and which securities they hold and what is going on with the underlying companies. For instance, some prospects view their mutual funds as a single holding when, in fact, each fund may hold many underlying securities. A MyWealthView™ analysis is a way to get clarity on what you own and why you own it, which is even more critical during times of market and economic disruptions.

Investors often don’t know how many and which securities they hold across their various financial accounts. This lack of transparency may mean they don’t understand the risks they are taking, which might include being overly concentrated in certain sectors or securities (e.g., companies with high levels of debt or low growth prospects) that may pose risks to their portfolio. A MyWealthView™ analysis is a way to discover these types of potential risks to help ensure you are making the best possible decisions to manage your overall wealth.

Owning pooled assets like ETFs and mutual funds can create layers of fees that may be in addition to fees an investor is paying his/her advisor. As a fiduciary for our clients, we want to make sure they are aware of all fees they are paying. A MyWealthView™ analysis is a way to shine a light on the total fees embedded in your portfolio to help you assess the value you are getting for the current guidance on your wealth.

Over decades of being in the wealth management business, we have found that investors too often overlook the impact of taxes on their portfolio. For example, heavy trading embedded in mutual funds or short-term decisions that don’t involve a long-term financial plan can negatively impact not only the performance of an investor’s portfolio but also the ability to meet financial goals. A MyWealthView™ analysis allows us to communicate and help mitigate the impact of taxes as it pertains to your overall financial situation.

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