Fundamental International Small Cap Strategy

A Differentiated Approach to International Small Cap Investing

We believe our approach of thoroughly understanding the quality of businesses allows us to build a concentrated portfolio of underappreciated opportunities with the highest potential upside. Our belief is that investing in companies that are generating cash and using it to create value for shareholders delivers superior risk-adjusted performance and that the market rewards companies over time for their free cash flows rather than their reported earnings.

Investment Philosophy

We believe companies that meet our quality standards generate value over time and purchasing these companies at a discount to intrinsic value maximizes potential upside. Business-specific qualities are the largest determinant of value creation over time. We believe integrating ESG factors into our approach increases return potential while lowering risk.

Strategy Description

The strategy seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation. We invest in a company only if we see a significant upside to our estimate of intrinsic value. We focus on finding the best opportunities in any market, naturally leading to diversification across regions and sectors.

Our Approach

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Investment Process: Overview

Risk Management Encompasses Entire Process

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Fast-Growing, Attractively Priced Companies Outperform

Active Return by Earnings Yield Quintile (1 Year Holding Period)*

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We seek to buy companies with proven business models that have sustainable growth trajectories. By thoroughly understanding company fundamentals, we are able to assess intrinsic value and make high-conviction investments that we hold for long periods of time. We are disciplined about valuation, buying only stocks trading at significant discounts.


Fundamental International Small Cap at SBH

35–50 Number of stocks

19 Years portfolio manager has managed the strategy

$107.7M Strategy AUM/AUA**


Portfolio Manager

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John C. Fenley, CFA
Director of Fundamental International Strategies
BA, Vanderbilt University
MBA Duke Fuqua School of Business


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*Source: FactSet, Internal calculations. Equal-weighted holdings, rebalanced monthly,1/31/2003 through 12/31/2019. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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