Celebrating Pride and Equality at SBH

Happy Pride! SBH is proud to show our support and celebrate equality not only during Pride Month but throughout the year.

While COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of some Pride parades and in-person celebrations across the country, we take pride in diversity and inclusion in our workplace and with our friends, colleagues, and clients from a distance. We also take this time to honor our commitment to companies that embrace a diverse workforce.

For two decades, Segall Bryant & Hamill has been screening and investing in companies based on their workplace policies toward their LGBTQ+ employees. During that time, we have seen companies evolve to embrace diversity and inclusion in growing numbers. A look at the corporate sponsors at Pride celebrations across the country shows how far corporate America has come over the past twenty years. While progress in equality is never linear, much like stock prices, the trend over the past two decades is very positive.

As part of our commitment to equality, Segall Bryant & Hamill’s Workplace Equality Index® has tracked stock performance of equality-minded companies since 2001. Part of our screening methodology involves surveying employees at public companies. In our most recent Survey, 79% of respondents said their companies had done more to foster an inclusive workplace over the past two years. We’re encouraged that each year we see more companies commit to equality. We believe investors should have a way to invest in-line with their LGBTQ+ workplace equality values. That is why we offer a mutual fund that provides access to these investments.

Learn more about our SBH Workplace Equality Fund.


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