SBH Workplace Equality Survey

State of Workplace Equality in Corporate America

In recent years, there has been an increase in job-seekers across the U.S. seeking employers that value workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). This shift in attitudes and the response on behalf of employers can have a significant impact on company growth, culture, innovation, and ultimately shareholder outcomes.

The findings of Segall Bryant & Hamill’s 2022 Workplace Equality survey suggest that companies’ efforts at creating a climate of DE&I may not be fully aligned with the experience of employees and therefore more progress is needed.

Key Findings

Overall, the findings from the Workplace Equality survey suggest that companies’ efforts at creating a climate of workplace equality and equity may not be fully aligned with the experience of employees. While the survey data provided insights on a broad range of topics, the findings on a few key topics were noteworthy.

Gender equity and the experiences of gender nonconforming and LGBTQIA+ individuals were some of the most divergent issues, suggesting that companies need to target policies and practices to support LGBTQIA+ employees.

Pay equity and pay transparency issues remain contentious, with workers demanding more transparency and companies continuing to shy away from revealing pay data.

Fairness across the organization was another divergent topic. Women and gender nonconforming individuals responded with more negative views of fairness at their companies.

Senior leaders are communicating that they prioritize diversity, but employee perceptions suggest that fewer are showing this in their actions.

Generation Z workers claim to have a less favorable experience at most companies surveyed compared to mid- and later-career employees.

Harassment persists in the workplace, with Black or African American respondents reporting the highest level of less favorable treatment.

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