Segall Bryant & Hamill leverages its proprietary investment research, deep industry experience and long‐tenured team to provide intelligently constructed portfolio solutions for private and institutional clients.

Who We Are

Segall Bryant & Hamill (“SBH”) is an independent investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Denver, Colorado; St. Louis, Missouri; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Naples, Florida. Since our founding in 1994, we have grown to approximately $20.0 billion in assets under management/assets under advisement.* SBH is a service-only firm with a client-first approach.

SBH provides fee-based investment management of equity, fixed income, alternative and asset allocation portfolios. Known for generating performance through proprietary investment research for institutional and wealth management clients across the country, our team of experienced investment professionals seeks the most attractive investments within our various investment strategies. Our portfolio managers work directly with clients to maximize investment return given the client’s investment objectives and specific risk constraints.

Our substantial employee ownership and partnership culture result in the continuity of our investment teams, long-term relationships and an alignment of interests.


Our purpose is to help investors realize their long-term investment objectives through a time-tested disciplined process. We pursue our purpose by building strong and lasting client relationships and delivering competitive risk-adjusted investment performance.


A core set of values guides the advice we provide, the strategies we recommend, and the way we manage client portfolios. These values are:

Our process and strategy are clearly outlined for clients, and our fee structure is based on the market value of the assets we manage.
As a Registered Investment Advisor, SBH is held to the highest fiduciary standard of care, which first and foremost requires that a financial advisor act solely in the client’s best interest when offering financial advice.
For all of our strategies, we seek to construct portfolios for clients that provide consistent, long-term returns as well as downside protection over a market cycle.
Our substantial employee ownership and partnership culture help lead to long-term stability of our staff. We believe this allows for deep relationships with our clients and aligns with our long-term investment approach.

*Data as of June 30, 2019. To provide transparency into the firm’s Model UMA assets, SBH is renaming AUM (Assets Under Management) to AUM/AUA (Assets Under Advisement) and providing Model UMA assets quarterly, starting with 2Q19.  Model UMA ­assets of $468 million are included in the AUA portion of the AUM/AUA total as of June 30, 2019.


An Introduction to SBH

CEO Phil Hildebrandt discusses the history of SBH and what makes us different