Sound Principles. Disciplined Strategies.

Our goal at SBH is to provide our clients with strong risk-adjusted returns across a wide array of strategies and asset classes. Our long-tenured investment teams each manage distinct portfolios with four underlying investment principles:

  • We focus primarily on fundamental factors when analyzing and investing in securities.
  • We are bottom-up investors, building portfolios security-by-security.
  • We place strong emphasis on the risk/reward of all the securities we consider for purchase.
  • Our research teams have integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our investment approach.

Our Approach to ESG Investing

Across the management of all client accounts, our research teams have integrated environmental, social and governance factors into the firm’s research process to ensure our investment conclusions are conscious of the risk that unsustainable business practices pose to economic outcomes. The firm understands that a company’s relationships with its stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, communities, governments, creditors, shareholders, and the broader environment can have meaningful implications on its financial profile and future investment value. As such, we methodically review the existing and potential externalities resulting from the corporate behavior of companies within the investable market.

SBH became a signatory of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2017. Signing the internationally recognized PRI shows our commitment to responsible investment within a global community, seeking companies that exhibit positive stewardship in their environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.